Maintaining the exterior appeal of your home can be a challenging task. Many potential factors may threaten the integrity of your landscape in your yard, but none are quite as widespread as weeds. Here in Escondido & San Diego there is a variety of weeds that can become common eyesores on and around our habitat. And when these invasive plants sprout throughout your lawn, it is critical to take immediate action before they completely take over. Fortunately, Habitat Protection is here to help. Our family owned and operated pest control company offers environmentally conscious, professionally great solutions guaranteed to protect your property from common lawn, destroying plants in Escondido & San Diego.

Habitat Protection can come periodically to monitor your home/business and help prevent an infestation with our WEED CONTROL SERVICES.



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Our Weed Control Service

Eliminating weeds immediately before they have a chance to damage your lawn is important. When you contact Habitat Protection, you can count on our team of experts to apply the proper treatments customized to suit your habitat’s needs.

We offer the following treatment options for even the smallest properties in Escondido & San Diego:

  • Pre-emergent
  • Post-emergent
  • Selective
  • Exotic weed control
  • Invasive weed control

We always target our services, and each product is applied specifically to the place where it’s needed. The methods we use include spray products and injection treatments. We select our products based on the type of terrain, and the needs of your property.

Soil Injections for Fertilizer

Soil injection is a method of applying fertilizer directly into the soil. This is typically done using a specialized equipment that injects the fertilizer into the soil at a specific depth, usually a few inches below the surface. This method is considered more efficient than traditional surface application of fertilizer, as it allows the fertilizer to reach the root zone of plants more quickly and effectively.


Micronutrients are used to strengthen the plant to help ward off future infections. They can be applied to plants in a variety of ways. Micronutrients are essential elements that plants need in relatively small amounts, but are crucial for proper growth and development. Spring is the best time to apply micronutrients. Over-application of micronutrients can be harmful to plants and therefore contacting a pest expert with experience with micronutrients is crucial.

Are you unsure which weeds you were dealing with?

Give us a call!

Our experts are highly trained in identifying various species of problematic weeds and will provide the necessary services to rid them.

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