House Fly

House Fly
Latin Name:M. domestica
Weight:11-17 mg
Length:8 millimeters (3⁄8 inch) long
Color:Black, brown, red eyes
Digestive Tract:Yes

House Fly Pest Control

House flies are more than a mere nuisance in the sun-drenched city of Escondido & San Diego, CA. Originating from the warmer climates of the Middle East, they’ve adapted well to life in our city. Identification is simple – a small, dark body, with red eyes, characterizes these commonplace pests. They’re notorious for their rapid reproduction and their capacity to spread diseases, making House Fly control a critical component of public and domestic health.

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Choosing Habitat Protection, Inc. for House Fly control services provides more than mere extermination. They go the extra mile by offering preventive measures and education to help their clients maintain a fly-free environment in the long term. As part of their complete pest control package, they extend their expertise to manage a wide variety of pests, ensuring a comprehensive solution to all your pest-related issues.

Embracing Habitat Protection, Inc.’s House Fly extermination services is not just a reactionary measure – it’s an investment in the health and wellbeing of your household. Their eco-friendly methods prioritize the safety of both people and pets, eliminating House flies without creating a hazard for your loved ones or the environment.

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